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Milano Golden Fashion is an event created and open for all the emerging designers of the world who want to position themselves in the international fashion market giving them the possibility to show off their collections within the framework of fashion week.

The creator of the Event

Graciela Sáez is an Argentine artist known in her country for her career as a theater and television actress, director and producer, with several awards in her career, through her interviews around the world to the characters of fashion and show, she had the opportunity to meet fashion designers that for them it was a dream to think of Milano and for that motive was involved in a new challenge, giving the possibility to several designers of the world so that they can show their creations in the most important fashion week in the world. This is how Milano Golden Fashion was born. 





Milano Golden Fashion 2019

An event realized in the Week of Fashion in Milan, Italy


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Milano Golden Fashion

By Graciela Sáez 


Designed by Arnaldo B. Basterretche